The Crimson Wedding

The ill-fated union of King Rhegar of the Human Kingdom and Princess Isara of the Elves, the Crimson Wedding was the name given to the massacre that occurred after the serving of the fourth course. After a frightening display from Harry the Horse and Mr. Kyte’s Traveling Fun-Time Circus, a fire broke out in the kitchen, causing mass panic.

At the same time, members of the thought-to-be-peace-loving activist group known as The Pack attacked (though Team Trust later discovered this to be the work of the Red Knives, led by Content Not Found: null, at the behest of Lord Dracarys)), slaughtering nearly everyone at the reception. A monstrous fire-dragon blocked the exit, trapping most everyone inside.

Among the casualties were the members of the Racial Council (except for the Human representative, Mad Moodeey) and Princess Isara, who was discovered dead in a side chamber by her handmaiden, her heart being consumed by her new husband, King Rhegar.

The massacre prompted the Human Kingdom’s decree that the elves were their enemy, and that all races other than Humans were to be wiped out. It is unknown to all but Team Trust and a select few others that the travesty was orchestrated by Lord Dracarys in his plot to destroy the races of Tarragonia.

The Crimson Wedding

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