Draken's Point


Before the creation of the Racial Council , this land was the most sought after, and constantly changed hands. Its geographical location boasts perfectly mild temperatures in both the summer and winter months, as well as being equidistant from all the kingdoms.

The city is as diverse as it is prosperous. As the home of the Racial Council , the national laws and major decisions are made here. A place of peace, the city has strict no violence laws. Only select officials are allowed to carry weapons within the city. From the mysterious alchemical substances of the Gnome Kingdom to the magically impenetrable armor of the Elven Lands, its said that there is something for everyone in Draken’s Point.

The city is divided into twomain areas; HiTown and LoTown .

In terms of crime, major criminal acts are decided upon by the Racial Council, who act as judges. Criminals are held within Draken Gate .

Draken's Point

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