The stern yet noble Elven military commander


The Elf who trained Rayne when she was young, Victus was seen at the Crimson Wedding, fighting against Dracarys’ forces. The next we knew, he was the new King of the Elves in the Southern Jungles.

He then “aided” Team Trust when they sought refuge in the Elven Kingdom, although he took Itto hostage for crimes against his people. Even though Team Trust eventually rescued the Elven prince and defeated Arashne, Victus still double-crossed them, killed Madame Zow, and was about to have them all killed when Dracarys’ forced arrived and laid siege to the kingdom. He is fighting back bravely, however, in league it seems with the Everymen.

It is also confirmed that he is a servant of Cas, God of Vengeance (although what he is avenging is yet unknown).



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