Mad Moodeey

Devious nercomancing blood mage


Creepy and bent, Moodeey seems to know all about you by looking at you. Half his face is red, burnt, and hairless, possibly the cause of some great fire. And one large eye seems to roll around constantly surveying its surroundings while the other stays fixed on you.

At first a guide to the adventurers found in the town of Towne, Moodeey soon showed his true colors when he tried to rob them of the keys in the Temple Dragoon.

A user of blood magic and shovel combat, Moodeey had slain the entire dwarven digging team and then resurrected them to do his bidding. Though the group vanquished him, his last words were “My lord will save me. I’ll be back.”

Moodeey is now a young man, powerful, and one of Dracarys’ “Fingers”. It is rumored that the eye Dracarys’ took from Archibald was given to Moody as a gift.

After briefly turning Super-Saiyan-Lich, he was defeated in the Eastern Lands of the Undead by Team Trust, and is off causing trouble elsewhere most likely.


Mad Moodeey

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