Jilqwyn Elerdhen

Half-Elf Cleric of Cas (Former Cleric of Ehlonna) Questing for Vengeance


Jilqwyn is the daughter of an Elf father and a Human mother. Her mother, Delfina, a Druid who revered the Sun as nature’s most majestic creation, died in child-birth, so Jilqwyn was raised in the Elf community by her father, Meldarion, and his sister, Araniel. Her father was a cleric who served the church of Corellon Larethian. He also served as the King’s personal cleric/healer during a great battle early in the King’s reign, helping bring the King back from the brink of death. Jilqwyn spent much of her youth at the King’s palace, and developed an almost familial relationship with him, as though he was surrogate uncle of sorts.

One night during her tenth year, Jilqwyn was at the palace, sitting in her favorite corner reading a book when she heard her Aunt Araniel’s voice. As she was under the impression that Araniel was back in her home village, this puzzled her, and she peeked her head into the hallway to see what was going on. Araniel was speaking with the King and Jilqwyn thought she saw a tear run down Araniel’s cheek. Araniel looked up and saw Jilqwyn’s head peeking around the door, called her over, and told her that Meldarion had been killed during his nightly walk through the forest by a wandering Sorcerer who mistook him for a monster in the dark. Though she had seen the effects of death and heard it spoken about, losing someone she had been so close with was new. Her mother died before Jilqwyn formed any sort of personal relationship with her, and her father had largely shielded her from any situation where death might be involved. While she understood it had been an accident, she still carried a great deal of grief.

Upon her father’s death, her Aunt Araniel decided that Jilqwyn should continue in her father’s footsteps serving the King, and given her long relationship with Reginald, Jilqwyn readily agreed to this. As she was too young to immediately serve the King at his palace (and still had much to learn as a Cleric), Jilqwyn was brought to the church for training. Though raised by Elves, Jilqwyn chose to honor her human Druid mother by serving the Goddess Ehlonna instead of Corellon Larethian. Araniel saw this as an act of defiance, and they fought bitterly. Jilqwyn finally won the argument, though it soured her relationship with her Aunt.

While at the church, Jilqwyn devoted herself to her studies and to helping those around her, as she knew her father had done. She desperately wanted to make him proud and to honor his memory in a positive way. This led her to excel at many of her lessons, and she was frequently taken on trips by the senior clerics when they needed to travel to the home villages of members of various races who were not able to physically get to the church. She generally got along well with the various races, and many of them had heard of her father, who was fairly well respected as a cleric. When she turned twenty, Jilqwyn began to directly serve the King, as well as her church, spending about half of her time in the King’s palace, and half of her time on the church grounds. This helped her relationship with Araniel somewhat, as the Elf was pleased that her niece was finally following Meldarion’s path again, however their relationship is still not nearly as strong as it had been when Jilqwyn was a child.

The day after her twenty-first birthday, while at the palace, Jilqwyn was walking towards the King’s library when she overheard two servants say something about “that poor girl whose father was murdered.” She stopped to listen further, and then heard the other servant say “It truly hasn’t been the same since Meldarion was killed. It’s a shame Roken turned out to be such an evil man. They were such a wonderful team.” Jilqwyn immediately went to Reginald and demanded answers. Although he initially was reluctant to share any information, it quickly became clear that Jilqwyn knew she had not been told the truth, and the King acquiesced to her request. He told her that her Aunt Araniel, in an effort to protect young Jilqwyn, had fabricated the accidental killing of Meldarion by a wanderer, and that Meldarion’s death was, in fact, an intentional act by the Human Sorcerer Roken Galkaron. The King went on to explain that Meldarion and Roken had both worked for him until Meldarion discovered that Roken had begun using his magical abilities to commit treacherous acts against the King in an effort to overthrow him and take over the throne. Meldarion told the King what he had learned, and Roken was banished to live in exile with the Orcs in the Northeastern Mountains. Roken vowed revenge, and seized the opportunity to attack Meldarion during his nightly walk, killing him instantly. The King told her that Roken had used a specific style of magic, which, although not immediately evident to most, was clear to the King due to the significant amount of time Roken had spent in the palace. This allowed Reginald to identify Roken as the killer, and this was confirmed by several mystics that the King relies on for these matters. Roken has been in hiding for the past twenty-two years, and his whereabouts are not known, though it is suspected that he is holed up somewhere among the Humans in the Frozen North. Jilqwyn had always had a degree of distrust towards non-cleric magic, and especially Sorcerers, but hearing the truth of her father’s death ignited a fire in her that she had not previously known. She immediately threw herself harder into her cleric studies, and although her alignment is Good, she began studying all forms of magic, reasoning that at some point, Roken might try to continue his plot for revenge and come after her and she needed to be prepared. In the back of her mind, she also felt that though some of the magic she was learning might be deemed Evil, if used against Evil, it still maintained the work of Good. No one at the church or the palace knew of these “extracurricular” studies, but because of them, Jilqwyn has a thorough understanding of all Schools of magic, including Necromancy. Jil is generally good at keeping this fire to a low smolder, but occasionally (especially when she has to work with Sorcerers) her temper will flare and the results can be unpredictable. She has vowed to one day find Roken and avenge her father’s death.

Despite the dual tragedy of losing both of her parents young, Jilqwyn’s time in the church (and her prolonged innocence of the true story of her father’s death) helped prevent her from growing too terribly bitter, and she still has a good heart and a conscience, though she has maintained her Elven chaotic nature. Working in the Church of Ehlonna has exposed her to a wide variety of beings, which has helped hone her inter-personal skills. Jilqwyn is an excellent go-between and tends to work well with others, although she generally has some trouble with Sorcerers and Wizards. She can be a bit of a loner, but is fiercely loyal to her King and her friends, though it takes a long time to gain admittance to her inner circle. In battle, she can always be depended on to leave no man (or elf or dwarf) behind. Jilqwyn tends to rely on her instinct and conscience to make decisions, as opposed to specific laws or rules, which occasionally gets her into trouble with the church, but her choices almost always come from a good place.

ADDENDUM: As time has progressed on Jil’s current campaign, her desire for vengeance against Roken has grown stronger. Subtle changes have begun to overtake her, and while she still is fighting for the overall good of the kingdom, her magic appears to have taken a bit of a turn to the dark side. The pendant around her neck, which symbolizes her devotion to her deity, has changed from Ehlonna’s unicorn to a pair of moose antlers, and when she casts spells, the once-white and lavender energy is now a deep purple and black. She also appears to be gaining powers and abilities typically associated with undead, and has gained a skeletal moose steed.

Jilqwyn Elerdhen

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