Itto Lightbringer

Half-Orc Paladin on a quest of honor.


Itto was raised amongst the Orcs of the tribe of Mog. Born to a human mother, he spent his youth seeking respect from his kin, sometimes leading him to acting especially brutally. Itto was relatively athletic, though not as mighty as some of his pure blooded kin, but he had a charm and intellect that prompted many of his people to follow him. Eventually he became one of the most prominent members of people. He lead many war parties, earning the name “Manslayer”.

When the Elven wars began, Itto took it as an opportunity to prove himself further. He earned the name “Elfsbane” after a particularly brutal skirmish that left a village decimated, with the survivors taken as slaves, and forced the Paladin order to end their neutrality and enter the war. Itto was not prepared for the effectiveness of the Paladin forces, led by Pratantus Sunwhisper and his son Crestus. While attempting to strike at their forces in the night, Itto was captured. He was given the chance to fight for his freedom, but for all his rage and experience could not match the skill and diverse training of Crestus. The Paladins were merciful, however, promising to spare the lives of all the orcs if they ceased hostilities. Itto submitted to this proposal out of a respect for the one who beat him combat. When they returned to his people, they found that other elven forces had ambushed them and were not so lenient. Itto believed that he was the last of his people.

Itto spent the next twenty years studying scriptures in the temple of Heironeous. Though initially reluctant to train in the more martial aspects of the order, Itto eventually agreed to take up arms at the behest of Pratantus and Crestus, who he had come to see as a surrogate Father and Brother respectively. Itto finally reentered the world when Crestus Sunwhisper went missing…

Itto Lightbringer

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