Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 8

Journey to The Wall

After narrowly escaping the power of the mad White Dragon Shamans, the heroes flee north to the Wall.

During the night, Rayne is awakened by a whistling sound and encounters a large moving vehicle of clockwork and steam. Aboard the vehicle is a strange clown who hands her a flyer for " Mr. Kyte and Harry the Horse’s Fun Tyme Family Circus" before speeding up and disappearing south.

Further along the path, the gang comes across Little Pine, an eerie small village that is seemingly abandoned. On the ground, the group finds a flyer for the travelling circus.

Finally having reached the Wall, the gang receives a not-too pleasant-welcome from the Lord Commander, Jimmy Powder. Among the Defenders, Itto meets an older half-orc, and from him, learns that fifteen years ago, a cloaked man had traveled to his people in the far west and warned them that they would have an opportunity to bring their people back to their former glory, and that they had better take it. He does not know what has happened since, but asks Itto to check up on his son, Goddark the Bold.

In their meeting with Commander Powder, the group faces less-than-cordial behavior. Once the group explains their concerns (a dragon north of the wall and a traitor on it), however, Powder agrees to draw them a map to the Savage King’s lair, where they may take him by surprise. The gang agrees and travels north into the Frozen Forest


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