Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 7

A Traitor's Trail

Having fought their way through the mine, the gang finally comes across Roderick Kingsley, the leader of the Kingsley hobgoblin tribe, and his shaman companion. Though a battle is fought, peace is eventually brokered between the two groups when Itto and Jilqwyn offer to help aid the hobgoblin tribe if they could provide them with information as to the “coming threat” and the traitor on The Wall who allowed the frost goblins to get through.

Just as Roderick is about to speak a name, however, he is killed by an unknown assassin. Though his use of invisibility and poison is impressive, the heroes manage to defeat him, and are shocked to discover that Slink once belonged to the same Red Knives Thieves’ Guild that sent him. On his person, they found a note that read:

“S: Make sure there’s nothing to tie us to The Wall. -J”

Throughout her exploration of the mine’s remaining areas, Jilqwyn comes across a hobgoblin priest and is offered information on the northern threat if the women and children of his tribe are spared. The deal is made, and the heroes learn the tale of The Savage King, a legend from beyond The Wall who was immortal. Every few decades, he would unite his people in attacking The Wall.

The group decides to travel beyond The Wall, find and stop the traitor, and defeat the dragon waiting beyond. On the way, they are (for the third time) tricked by the “bait in the middle of the road” gag and are ambushed by Dragon Shamans and Human Kingdom Forces.


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