Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 60

Goo Times


Having resurrected Yu’in in a terrifying Necromantic ritual in the West Wing of Varick’s castle, Jil returns with her dwarven friend and the Darkheart and begins resurrecting dozens of fallen Halfling zombies to begin her monstrous army of the undead. Itto turns around.

Meanwhile, Superhuman Girl turns Barovia into Candyland using her reality-warping magicks, and the people seem…confused? But also happy? It was a pretty sweet move on her part. She says goodbye to the heroes, as does Gayher, who goes around hugging everyone. However, when he hugs Jil, his body suddenly crumbles to dust. It is then revealed that where this is Death, there must always be Death: by reviving Yu’in, the scales were tipped, and someone had to die in his place. RIP, Gayher.

Quinn contacts Archie and the group confesses that they lost the dragon eggs. Archie scolds them, and tells them to recover them immediately. He believes they would either be held at The Fist (former Church of Heironious, and Blackheart’s current fortress/PoW camp) or possibly at Gelid Castle. Meanwhile, he says, he will try and delay Dracarys’ forces before they reach the Half-Orc kingdom. For their part, Team Trust contacts their allies around the world (The Black Scorpion Gang and Half-Orcs in the west, Bal’Quinn and the Elven rebels in the south, and Badger and the Red Knives in Draken’s Point) to try and find out what is going on and report back.

The group then finally sets off for The Fist (riding on the backs of Jil’s undead army) and leaves Barovia/Candyland to rebuild. They attempt to sneak up to the fortress, but it is now heavily guarded by Vrocks and Pit Fiends and several other demon-like monstrosities. Itto screams at the top of his lungs and alerts the monsters, who begin advancing, but just then, a gross little Goo-boy named Pal Adin sneaks them into a secret entrance.

Explaining that he was once a Squire of Heironious, Pal takes an immediate liking to Itto, and explains that he was turned into the demonic Lemur they see before them. However, he seems to want to help…and he leads Team Trust through the underground ruins of the former Church of Heironious, to complete the Trials (trials once required by the Paladin Order, but now defunct along with the Good Paladins themselves).

Trial 1 has the team making their way through a pool of cold iron, with seemingly no ill effect. After, they find a tablet on a pedestal, and upon touching it, Slink, Itto, and Pal are transported back in time to a vision of Pratantus and Crestus Sunwhisper, who are speaking of dark times approaching. Suddenly, the gates are opened by some traitorous members of the Order, and Blackheart himself steps through some demonic portals, along with his demon army, and storms the Church. Itto et al are thrust back to reality.

Trial 2 consists of a strange feast of foods, each of which are consumed by the members of the team, and have adverse affects on various abilities of theirs. Upon completing the task, another tablet is revealed, bringing on another vision which all the members witness: Ellay Hol and Crestus being tortured by Blackheart. It is a harrowing sight.

Trial 3 finds our heroes pulling a massive evil sword from a stone (identified from the visions as the sword Blackheart had used, or so it seems), triggering a third vision in which the Paladin Order is slaughtered, along with Pratantus, whose soul is ripped from his body and tossed into a hellish portal.

Finally escaping the Trials, Team Trust enters a prison cell block and immediately finds and releases a beaten Crestus and Lutervoc, both of whom seem extremely worn. Suddenly, Pal the Not-So-Goo Boy grabs Crestus and runs around the corner. A scream ensues, and the team races after them to find Pal sliced in half, and Blackheart standing over his lifeless gooey corpse.


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