Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 48

Mermaid Orgy

Aghast to see their friend Itto on the literal chopping block, Team Trust pleads for their comrade’s life. Victus tells them the half-orc must suffer for his crimes against elf-kind, and he is backed up by a dashing half-elf named Balquinn, as well as Madame Zow, the elven member of the Racial Council (who apparently survived the Crimson Wedding).

Before they have the chance to swing the ax, a strangely mutated four-armed Wood Elf swings into the tree, along with several large gorilla creatures. He announces himself as a follower of Arashne named Oakheart Strongfist, and demands that the Wood Elf leader get off the fence and join Arashne’s army (forsaking the Wood Elves’ shaky alliance with the Union of the Forest). After a bloody battle involving much vine-swinging and platform-leaping, Team Trust is able to prevail, but not before the Wood Elf king is dispatched in a vicious manner by Oakheart (who is also killed). It seems the alliance is broken, and the Wood Elves are now joined with the Arashnites.

In the aftermath, it is learned that the High Elf Prince (Kieran Cortellos) has been taken hostage by Arashne’s forces, though his whereabouts are unknown. After some skillful negotiation, Team Trust agrees to find the prince, in exchange for Itto’s life and possibly his freedom. Bal’Quinn agrees to join the team in lieu of Itto, to find his friend Kieran.

That night, as Jilqwyn prays to Cas, her moose speaks to her and demands a blood sacrifice. Obliging, Jil is shocked to see a portal open and a much older, more battle-hardened Quinn emerge from what he calls the Shadowlands, where Cas had called him in order to fight the god Vecna and his forces. It is further revealed that the 5-and-1 are actually agents of the evil Vecna! Quinn was meant to serve for 65 years (time moves much faster in the Shadowlands), but was called back to the Material Plane by his father, in order to help his teammates once more.

The next morning, Jil reintroduces Quinn to the group, who welcome him back gratefully. They quickly set out for the Aquatic Elf region, in the Low Belt River. Upon entering the river (breathing thanks to water-masks courtesy of Slink), Team Trust is attacked by strange elf-toad mutants who use powerful magic to nearly decimate the team. Eking out a close victory thanks in no small part to their new “ally” Bal’Quinn, Team Trust discovers a note indicating that the Aquatic Elves may have Prince Cortellos, though the Wild Elves planned to retrieve him for his “awakening”. It also says, “We have demanded the surrender of the Union of the Forest. They foolishly believe that if they attempt to rescue their prince, we will kill him.” The note is signed Thorne Teraclaw, Leader of the The Awakened (and presumably of the Wild Elves as well). The group ascertains that the lead toad-elf they just killed was, in fact, Penrille the king of the Aquatic Elves, and they devise a clever plan.

Venturing underwater with the reanimated corpse of Penrille, Team Trust encounters the home of the Aquatic Elves, who, surprisingly, claim no love for their extremist leader. These elves do not seem to be mutated, and after some bartering, they agree to assist in any way they can since our heroes had just murdered their corrupt king. They state that Prince Cortellos had already been taken by the Wild Elves, deep into the magical and terrifying forest of the Darkwild, a maze that “protects itself”. Only those born in the forest can safely navigate it.

Not fearing this warning, Team Trust heads out of the water (finding a bunch of mermaids who Balquinn provides sexual services and is paid justly for it, but not before everyone engages in a merry orgy) into the Darkwild and immediately get horribly lost. Rayne attempts to scout ahead, only to somehow become separated from her teammates, and finds herself face-to-jaw with a giant T-Rex. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Trust is attacked by a triceratops. Both separate groups emerge victorious, and Jil uses a Status spell to locate Rayne. Reuniting, the group trudges on, unsure of how they can find their way out.

They start following the tracks of the T-Rex, but after a short while, encounter a couple of lost human guards. Slink slits one’s throat and threatens the other, but before the frightened guard can react, a swarm of vermin erupts from his mouth and Squirm the Vermin Mage appears, taunting Slink with a red fire-beetle, which Slink then realizes is the same thing that killed his love Myst.

The rest of Team Trust catches up just in time to see their hated foe polymorph into a huge, terrifying monstrosity. Will Bal’Quinn be able to save the members of Team Trust?


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