Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 25

A Snake, Am I?!

Finally, the evil vizier Rafaj reveals just how ssssssnake-like he can be, pitting our heroes against his staff-turned-snake-construct in a vicious battle to the death in the throne room of the Great Pyramid. Wolf, the first to attack, is tossed into the throne-room’s magical pool, and suddenly, he emerges, larger and more majestic than ever before…and with a set of wings, to boot!

While the team seems to gain the upper hand against the creature, Rafaj displays his terrifying magic power by blasting Team Trust with a rainbow blast, with devastating effects. Itto is turned to stone, Jil is transported to the celestial plane (which isn’t so great for the newly-evil Bone Knight of Cas, as the heavenly aura disintegrates her body), and Rayne and Lute are likewise destroyed by the acidic and fiery blasts.

Using the last of their strength, the remaining heroes, Quinn and Slink, are able to team-up to sneak attack Rafaj and take him out. Distraught over the loss of their entire team, the two begin to frantically search the throne room, unsure where to turn. They enter the Pharaoh’s chambers to see an enormous hole in the wall. Using Wolf’s tracking ability, they are able to determine that whoever left the hole was now up on the roof.

Following the scent, Quinn, Slink, and Wolf head to the roof of the Pyramid, where the thundercloud overhead is beginning to swell into a great storm. A lone figure stands in the center, and when Slink heads towards the creature, he sees none other than his long-lost love Myst, holding the Staff of Time. She seduces Slink, who gives in to her wiles, and as he pleads with her to give over the Staff to reverse time and save their friends, she begins to shed her “skin” and turn into an enormous beast…the Blue Dragon.

The storm now raging around them, Slink attempts to bring down the flying beast, and manages to wrest the Staff of Time from her grasp. It is retrieved midair by Quinn atop Wolf, who, tapping into Cas’ mighty power, is able to use the device to turn the personal timetables on the rest of the team back before they were killed by Rafaj. Now reunited, Team Trust leaves the roof through the skylight and descends back into the throne room, attempting to seal the hatch while the Blue Dragon claws her way in. Through multiple ranged attacks, all while dodging the dragon’s breath weapons and other attacks, the group is at last able to bring down the mighty creature.

But they cannot celebrate for long…


NickRyanR90 case_aiken

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