Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 23

A Legend Awakens

“Thank you…for…releasing me…”

The voice of Gruum, recognizable from the flashbacks, emanates weakly from his tomb.

“Thank you for returning my eyes, tongue, and key,” he says. “I can finally be at peace and complete my journey to the afterlife to be with my love…”

While Slink argues with Itto about the merits of stealing back the powerful relics and letting the mummy rot where it is, the spirit of Gruum ascends from its mummified body and blesses the heroes for their help once more, before floating up towards the heavens, where the faint outline of Ehlonna awaits him with outstretched arms.

Their good deed for the month accomplished, Team Trust wearily make their way out of the Tomb of Gruum with their prize: the Staff of Time. Our “noble” adventurers return to the city of Gruum, where the vizier Rafaj asks for the staff’s return. The relic is handed over, and Rafaj bows deeply as he hands it off to a figure emerging from the shadows: The Pharaoh herself, who is revealed to be Ellay Hol, Itto’s former lover! She implores the heroes to go out and defeat Davek’s rebellious Black Scorpion Gang, and agrees to give up her position as Pharaoh and reunite with Itto if the group is successful.

But would our heroes succeed? Would Itto hold Ellay in his arms once more? Find out…next time!


NickRyanR90 case_aiken

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