Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 10

Mt. Kronos

After ICING the winter wolf and his gang, our heroes begin the climb up Mt. Kronos. Thanks to various spells and potions from Jil and Slink, they manage to survive the icy heights and enter the mountain, which leads them to the icy cells of the white dragon‘s lair. They were shocked to find that the cells held Mog, Itto’s old tribal leader from his Elfsbane days, and Jimmy Powder, who claimed to have been captured months ago and tortured for information on the Defenders.

Mog, crowned the new “Savage King” by the races he brokered peace with, has been forced into leading assaults on Defender rangers and has now outlived his usefulness to Frostfang and the “new” Savage King. After Rayne’s attempted murder of her old captor, and subsequent stabbing/poisoning by Slink, she decides to find the egg herself.

Confronted with a huge pile of snow and ice, Rayne is shocked to see it develop into a huge Ice Elemental guarding the dragon’s living space. With the aid of her comrades’ fire abilities, the heroes make quick work of the icy beast and recover the less-than-impressive seeming egg.

Rayne rushes ahead to bring the egg to Archibald, and after a night’s rest, the remaining gang rescues Jimmy, Mog, and the other Orcs and heads down the mountain on the stolen gnome Ice Vroomers…until they hear a loud rumbling sound…


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