The Red Knives

The Red Knives are a guild of thieves spread throughout Tarragonia. They were formed over 100 years ago (including 25 year time jump) by a band of nomadic thugs with very little training. They were led by the infamous Human assassin Wren the Swift, who believed in a sort of “honor among thieves” and felt that they would be stronger as a group. By far the most experienced of the band, Wren attempted to recruit members, but for years they were little more than a poor, ragged gang of rogues, murderers, and two-bit gangsters.

One day, Wren was wandering Draken’s Point when a young Gnome attempted to pick his pocket. The boy, who Wren later found out to be named “Scrupples” or “Scroops”, was caught and threatened by the master thief, but the boy’s sly and charismatic nature, and his snarky jokes, made Wren hysterical with laughter. Instead of punishing Scroops, Wren asked if he would like to be trained in the ways of the thief and join his nubile band of thieves (now known as the Red Knives). Scroops hastily agreed, and began his tutelage as a thief under the new name of Slink Featherfoot.

Despite being scorned by the other Red Knives, Slink saw that the group was at the end of their proverbial rope, and after manipulating his way into their inner circles, began to strategize for the ever-growing guild, helping teach them the finer points of sneak attacks and stealth combat to be used in conjunction with simple stealing. In addition to thievery, the group began also using their tricks to assassinate enemy targets and manipulate political situations in their favor. Slink focused the group’s abilities and taught them how to identify important figures, instead of just running in blind. Their numbers grew, as did their reputation.

Upon seeing Slink’s strategies manifest in a big, lucrative way, the Red Knives finally accepted Slink as their Master Strategist and, under his guidance over the next 25 years, they became the largest Thieves Guild in Tarragonia, a veritable Criminal Underground. The name “Slink Featherfoot” soon became synonymous with a whispered legend of feared renown, though few knew him personally outside of his original band. Based out of their original town of Draken’s Point, the Red Knives grew to membership in the thousands, with connections in almost every Human city, and even among some of the Elven and Halfling regions.

By this point, Wren was somewhat more advanced in years, and while still the head of the guild, was growing less and less capable as a commander of rogues. Slink, despite his great love for his old mentor, again saw an opportunity for personal advancement. He decided to use a mild poison to enfeeble Wren, but due to a miscalculation, the serum killed the already-ailing Wren. Driven out by terror and guilt, Slink, now nearing 50, ran away in the night before anyone knew what had happened.

Now many years later, it appears the Red Knives are still a force to be reckoned with, and, under the leadership of the mysterious “J”, are hunting their former comrade in a vengeance quest which is more personal than anyone in Tarragonia could ever suspect…

Slink Featherfoot

The Red Knives

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