Land of the Undead

The eastern plains, former home to the Halfling race, had been turned into a veritable graveyard after the Halflings were all wiped out sometime in the 25-year time jump. No one is quite sure of the reasons, but it seems the coming of Count Varick von Strake and his forces, perhaps in league with Lord Dracarys, had something to do with it.

Varick ran the region, renamed “Barovia”, using his vampire army, with the witches and lycanthropes serving (rather unwillingly) underneath him.

It has been learned that before the Halflings settled the land and called it Barrow Village, the region was originally called Barovia and was run by the von Strake family (pre-vampire, presumably) 5,000 years ago.

It has since been restored to a land for the living thanks to Team Trust and the Count’s demise.

Land of the Undead

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