Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 3
The Sixth Door

Jil_and_Rayne_arrive.jpgJoined by two new friends, Jilqwyn Elerdhen, the cleric of Ehlonna, and Rayne the ranger, the gang defeats Mad Moodeey and his zombies. His last words are: “My lord will save me. I’ll be back.” On his body is found the note, “Moodeey: Wait for me in Towne and secure the temple. I will be along shortly. – R.G.”

Inside the Green Dragon room, the group faces off against apes, monkeys, and flying poop in a massive tree, just barely managing to escape with the key and some healing bananas.

Inside the White Dragon room, they find a hurt white wolf, a naturally evil wolf the size of a horse. Upon healing him, they are told a bit about the temple and how to recover the white key carefully.

With all five keys in tow, the group opens the sixth and final door and heads down the steep steps into darkness…

A room with a large three-headed stone dragon busting out of the wall greets them, along with a 15-foot tall black marble cauldron. When urged to read aloud the words (“Speak these words aloud and power of the Ancient shall be endowed”) in the sought-after Tome of Dragoon atop the room’s pedestal, lava begins pouring out of the dragon’s mouths into the cauldron. There is a bright flash, and the book’s magic lifts Nilo into the air. He then erupts into flame and falls away to ash as he takes a last look at his friends. His screams echo in the temple. Distraught by his master’s demise, the sorcerer’s familiar (the white snow owl aptly named Snowl) flies to Slink’s shoulder and makes it his new home.

No sooner had Nilo turned to ash than a humanoid figure lifts himself from the lip of the cauldron. A naked, handsome, fair-skinned man with red hair, scales, claws, wings, and slitted snake eyes faces the team. He whispers a word, and a spark flies from his forked tongue. Turning faster and faster, the flame expands into a huge fireball. With a word and a smile, he hurls it towards the group…

Session 2
The Temple Dragoon

Upon entering the Temple Dragoon, the group begins on the Dragon Riddle rooms.

Inside the Black Dragon room, the group encounters a massive acid lake with a gelatinous creature living within it. Barely managing to escape with the key and their lives, the three return to land to find Mad Moodeey (who had been tied up) nowhere to be found.

Inside the Blue Dragon room, the three find a tiled floor with letters from the Draconic language. Upon spelling “”/characters/tiamet" class=“wiki-content-link”>Tiamat", Slink is able to deactivate the electric floor and obtain the Blue Dragon key.

Inside the Red Dragon room, massive riches await the team. The key is found high atop a mountain of gold, amidst humanoid and kobold skeletons. Upon taking the key, the fire from the room’s torches inhabit skeletons that attack the group. While Nilo keeps them at bay with his icy prowess, the group is able to escape with their third key.

Upon exiting the third room, they finds themselves once more face-to-face with Mad Moodeey, who demands the dragon keys. When the three refuse, he cuts his arm and casts a spell, revealing himself as a blood magic practitioner. As they rush towards Moodeey, they find themselves surrounded by the newly-risen animated corpses of the lost dwarven digging team…

Session 1
A King's Request

Three heroes, Slink the Gnome, Itto Darkseer, and Nilochan, the half elf sorcerer, are summoned to Castle Gelid in the Human Kingdom of Frozone by their friend King Reginald.

The King, along with his Hand, the High Mage Archibald, explain that a Dragon worshiping temple has been discovered by a dwarven digging team and a tome, The Tome of Dragoon, must be recovered from it.

The three adventurers agree to work together and, after interviewing the last surviving member of the team, set off for the temple.

Along the way, however, Slink unwittingly triggers a kobold ambush.

After defeating the curiously brave group of kobolds, the group decides better of entering the temple right away and instead visits the nearby town of Towne, to ask around about the temple.

In the Towne, the group isdirected to Mad Moodeey, a local oddball. While the man seems to oppose the group at first (testing Itto’s paladin beliefs), he is persuaded to be a guide for the temple, in exchange for them paying off his bar tab.

Led by Mad Moodeey, the group infiltrates the Temple Dragoon and finds a large circular room, complete with five doors, each with a different-colored dragon statue above, and a 6th door, with five keyholes. Each door has a riddle above written in Draconic, the language of Dragons…


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