Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 14
Fingers of Dracarys Attack!

Roken’s newly-murdered corpses are brought back to un-life by the necromancer Mad Moodeey and stage an attack upon Team Trust. Roken departs quickly, off on a mission to destroy the Everymen, while Moodey enjoys the show and Mr. Kyte hops into the pit, performing silly tricks which seem only meant to distract or annoy the adventurers as they do battle with the undead.

While the group fights the zombies, Slink rushes up the side of the gladiator pit and confronts the Midnight Fox, pulling down the facial-covering to reveal nothing but rotting flesh underneath. Taken aback, Slink retreats as the Midnight Fox disappears in a cloud of smoke. He rejoins the fray in time to dispatch the remaining zombies, as Moodeey is “called” back East to the Land of the Dead (formerly the Halfling kingdom) and Mr. Kyte returns to his partner, Harry the Horse.

The 5-and-1 reveal that the Midnight Fox had stolen a magic-dispelling device from them, then ask to study the egg from which the silver dragon Siph had hatched. They seem intrigued, and tell the heroes the newest bit of bad news: once the Midnight Fox had used the magic-dispelling device to destroy the barrier around Elysium, most of the magic criminals had escaped and were now roaming the land. It was now up to our heroes to re-capture these psychotic magicians, but not before they were allowed to ask some very personal questions of the 5-and-1…

Session 13

Werewolves of Lunan! The attack is vicious, with the werewolf horde, led by the witch-like mother of Lon, shrugging off any attacks made by non-silver weapons, a fact our heroes discover nearly too late, after many of them are bitten and wounded by the feral foes, not to mention the droves of townspeople hurt/killed/fleeing in terror.

Finally, Team Trust manages to subdue the leader of the pack, and the other monsters return to normal, but all is not well as it is soon discovered that one of their own, Ranye, has further “embraced” her primal roots by becoming a lyncanthrope herself. Several others in the party are also exposed, so Team Trust hunts down a witch on the outskirts of the town, and after breaking into her place like a bunch of thugs, force her to give them a cure. Ever the conniving creature, the witch explains that she needs blood to make the cure, so Itto and Jil offer theirs. However, this is only enough to cure everyone in the party except Rayne, who accepts her new fate as a sexy elven werewolf.

After traveling southwest for several days, Team Trust encounter the grandiose white-and-silver Mage’s Tower, which watches over the eerie black Tower of Elysium, prison home to the criminally insane magic-wielders. Everyman Quinn is allowed into the Mage’s Tower as a fellow magic-user by a frightening one-eyed, one-handed magician, who eventually agree to let in the rest of the party.

The man tells that the 5-and-1, the powerful magicians of the Mage’s Tower, keep watch over the prisoners of Elysium, although an important magic item has recently gone missing courtesy of the Midnight Fox.

As if on cue, our heroes are interrupted by the Midnight Fox herself, along with Roken, Moodeey, and a terrifying clown who they soon learn to be the leader of the circus: Mr. Kyte. Now in a strange gladiator pit of sorts, our heroes are cut off and surrounded by Dracarys’ Fingers and a group of warriors. At first the Fingers seem to be staying out of fray, until Roken closes his eyes, at which point, the warriors all fall to the ground, dead. Moodeey, cackling maniacally, waves his hands, and several of the corpses begin to open their eyes…

Session 12
And on the next Full Moon...

The silver egg hatches to reveal Siph, the ethereal Silver Dragon! Before disappearing from the Material Plane, Siph bestows Fire Resistance unto our heroes and explains about her “cousins”, the 4 remaining dark dragons (Green, Blue, Red, and Black) and her “siblings”, the light dragons which can be rescued upon destroying the evil dragons. She also tells our heroes of the “Sword of Dragonsbane”, a legendary weapon of great power which can be wielded against dragons.

Our heroes set out for Elysium, conveniently located between the Wall and the Half-Orc city of Gruum. On their way, they learn that the elves and humans are preparing for war with each other as tensions mount between the races, and nightmares are terrorizing the lands. The former Halfling lands are now deserted, the Halflings having been massacred by Dracarys’ forces as the only race that may have been able to keep the peace. There is rumor of undead led by the " King of the Dead ". The half-orcs in the Western Deserts are keeping to themselves, and the dwarves and gnomes seem to be MIA (save for some rumors that the gnomes have been working on “projects” and shipping them by mysterious means across Tarragonia to an unknown patron).

Quinn then meets an Everyman on the way and learns of a werewolf terrorizing the nearby town of Lunan every night. After a brief stop in the strange-yet-bustling town of Needle Pine Village (where Slink slits a guard’s throat in order to avoid suspicion after the group learns that there is now a bounty on their heads), Team Trust makes for Lunan to discover that Content Not Found: null’ Fingers Roken and Moodeey had been looking for our heroes. However, the townspeople alert the adventurers that if they take care of their werewolf problem, they will not report their presence to the Human Crown.

Team Trust begins an investigation and learns of several suspicious characters, such as the creepy boy named Lon, whose mother is hiding him away. Upon confronting the child and his brother, our adventurers are shocked to discover the head werewolf is not the boy, but the mother, who transforms into a hideous beast, along with several other townspeople, in the middle of the town square…

Session 11
The Battle for the Wall

AVALANCHE! As Rayne (followed by the rest of “Team Trust” and their new Orc-ish allies) descend Mt. Kronos on their Gnome-ish “vroomer” automaton sleds, they hear a rumbling from behind as the noise from their machines caused the mountain to give way in a massive ice-slide. Barely escaping certain doom, the heroes make it down the mountain, where Slink sees a vision of his long-lost Elf love Myst, along with a mysterious moose-headed figure, who both disappear as suddenly as they had appeared. A note from “J” alerts Slink that someone had “run into our friend”.

Confused but determined, Slink and the rest head back to confront the false Jimmy Powder, and after a heated struggle, defeat the “Doppel” and his shape-shifting minions, revealing to all at the Wall that their leader had been replaced. Reinstating the true Commander of the Wall, the adventurers begin preparations for war: Jil heals the wounded, Slink oversees the repairs to the battlements and broken tower, Itto and Rayne train the swordsmen and archers, respectively, and Wolf leads a team of 3 polar bears and a wolf/dog pack.

The morning of battle approaches, and on the horizon, our heroes and their meager army see the mighty White Dragon Frostfang and his army of monsters. Creating pathways of ice with his dragon breath for his creatures to scale, Frostfang swoops overhead, attacking viciously. Team Trust retaliates, using the archers, warriors, and various machinery atop the wall to counter the attackers, while the main heroes target Frostfang himself. After a vicious battle, the dragon is bested and the dark armies flee back north.

After the encounter, the exhausted heroes contact Archibald and learn of new information, including the fact that one of the Orcs they had freed was the former benevolent “”/characters/mog" class=“wiki-content-link”>Savage King" of the North, and he returns to lead his people once again. Archie also tells of a mysterious ninja-like ally to Dracarys, the Midnight Fox, a master thief. Finally, Archie explains that the Mage’s Tower, a famed wizard stronghold which keeps watch over the Prison Elysium (where criminal magic-users are safely held), had had an important item stolen from them. The heroes, as well as corrupted King Rhegar, both leave to investigate.

Before they leave, however, the dragon egg they had discovered suddenly hatches…

Session 10
Mt. Kronos

After ICING the winter wolf and his gang, our heroes begin the climb up Mt. Kronos. Thanks to various spells and potions from Jil and Slink, they manage to survive the icy heights and enter the mountain, which leads them to the icy cells of the white dragon‘s lair. They were shocked to find that the cells held Mog, Itto’s old tribal leader from his Elfsbane days, and Jimmy Powder, who claimed to have been captured months ago and tortured for information on the Defenders.

Mog, crowned the new “Savage King” by the races he brokered peace with, has been forced into leading assaults on Defender rangers and has now outlived his usefulness to Frostfang and the “new” Savage King. After Rayne’s attempted murder of her old captor, and subsequent stabbing/poisoning by Slink, she decides to find the egg herself.

Confronted with a huge pile of snow and ice, Rayne is shocked to see it develop into a huge Ice Elemental guarding the dragon’s living space. With the aid of her comrades’ fire abilities, the heroes make quick work of the icy beast and recover the less-than-impressive seeming egg.

Rayne rushes ahead to bring the egg to Archibald, and after a night’s rest, the remaining gang rescues Jimmy, Mog, and the other Orcs and heads down the mountain on the stolen gnome Ice Vroomers…until they hear a loud rumbling sound…

Session 9
Hauntings of the Frozen Forrest

On their travels through the Frozen Forest, our heroes come face to face with the ghosts of their pasts.

In the ice cavern, after examining Rayne’s doll, Quinn is haunted by the ghosts of the Everymen Brothers he left to die in Gelid City, but is roused out of his nightmare by a polar bear attack, whose home the group is squatting in.

The next night, Rayne is lured past the site of an orc battleground by a ghostly visage of her brother, Crestus, who berates her for being a weakling and a disappointment to her family.

Slink encounters a cloaked Red Knife, who warns him that his group knows all about his sordid past and hates him for it.

The last night, Itto comes face-to-face with the dark reflection of his past: Itto Elfsbane. Meanwhile, Jilqwyn relives the murder of her father at the hands of Roken Garlaken.

Morning brings new danger to our heroes, at they are faced with Temple Dragoon’s escaped Winter Wolf, and his new pack….

Session 8
Journey to The Wall

After narrowly escaping the power of the mad White Dragon Shamans, the heroes flee north to the Wall.

During the night, Rayne is awakened by a whistling sound and encounters a large moving vehicle of clockwork and steam. Aboard the vehicle is a strange clown who hands her a flyer for " Mr. Kyte and Harry the Horse’s Fun Tyme Family Circus" before speeding up and disappearing south.

Further along the path, the gang comes across Little Pine, an eerie small village that is seemingly abandoned. On the ground, the group finds a flyer for the travelling circus.

Finally having reached the Wall, the gang receives a not-too pleasant-welcome from the Lord Commander, Jimmy Powder. Among the Defenders, Itto meets an older half-orc, and from him, learns that fifteen years ago, a cloaked man had traveled to his people in the far west and warned them that they would have an opportunity to bring their people back to their former glory, and that they had better take it. He does not know what has happened since, but asks Itto to check up on his son, Goddark the Bold.

In their meeting with Commander Powder, the group faces less-than-cordial behavior. Once the group explains their concerns (a dragon north of the wall and a traitor on it), however, Powder agrees to draw them a map to the Savage King’s lair, where they may take him by surprise. The gang agrees and travels north into the Frozen Forest

Session 7
A Traitor's Trail

Having fought their way through the mine, the gang finally comes across Roderick Kingsley, the leader of the Kingsley hobgoblin tribe, and his shaman companion. Though a battle is fought, peace is eventually brokered between the two groups when Itto and Jilqwyn offer to help aid the hobgoblin tribe if they could provide them with information as to the “coming threat” and the traitor on The Wall who allowed the frost goblins to get through.

Just as Roderick is about to speak a name, however, he is killed by an unknown assassin. Though his use of invisibility and poison is impressive, the heroes manage to defeat him, and are shocked to discover that Slink once belonged to the same Red Knives Thieves’ Guild that sent him. On his person, they found a note that read:

“S: Make sure there’s nothing to tie us to The Wall. -J”

Throughout her exploration of the mine’s remaining areas, Jilqwyn comes across a hobgoblin priest and is offered information on the northern threat if the women and children of his tribe are spared. The deal is made, and the heroes learn the tale of The Savage King, a legend from beyond The Wall who was immortal. Every few decades, he would unite his people in attacking The Wall.

The group decides to travel beyond The Wall, find and stop the traitor, and defeat the dragon waiting beyond. On the way, they are (for the third time) tricked by the “bait in the middle of the road” gag and are ambushed by Dragon Shamans and Human Kingdom Forces.

Session 6
The Kingsley Tribe

Having defeated the ambushing group of hobgoblins, the group travels to the hobgoblins’ lair, intent on finding the frost goblins and discovering how they had breached the wall. After sneaking into the mine, Rayne and Slink rescue a beaten and tortured wolf, which seems to form an immediate bond with Rayne. Along with the aptly named Wolf, the gang ventures further into the mine…

Session 5
25 Years

Chaos explodes in the center of Gelid City as the adventurers hop aboard a wagon in a high-speed escape. Although they are beset by clockwork horse-riding guards, a shape-shifting vermin mage, and an imminently closing gate, our heroes prevail, due in no small part to the heroic efforts of their new friend, Quinn, a mysterious sorcerer of the Everymen Brotherhood.

After their daring escape through the city, the group met up with the Everymen Brotherhood and, after a brief standoff (due mostly to Rayne’s mistrust), the group agrees to be blindfolded and led to their campsite.

Much to the group’s surprise, the leader of the Everymen Brotherhood turns out to be none other than Archibald, former High Mage and Hand to King Reginald. He informs them of the state of Tarragonia:

-Lord Dracarys (the being that the group released 25 yrs ago) is actually a demi-god; the son of Tiamat, the evil she-dragon goddess of death and destruction

-With the birth of Dracarys, evil magic has been released into the world, creating magical beasts and thinning the barrier between the material planes and the alternate ones.

-Dracarys has seized control of the Human Kingdom and has turned the national religion into a cult of Tiamat, in which the priests and clerics gain minor draconic abilities and even believe they may become dragons

-Dracarys hatched the five evil dragon eggs 25 yrs ago, and due to the power of his evil magic, the dragons have had accelerated growth, nearing adulthood in this short stretch of time

-The Halfling Race, being the most diplomatic and likely to combine the other races’ forces against the Human Kingdom, has been wiped out, and their home in the eastern plains is now believed to be haunted and home to the Undead

-Lord Dracarys, as the King’s Hand, usually acts through his “Fingers” (specialized thieves, soldiers, mages, and psychopaths of unique ability) and his dragon shamans

-The Major Church of Heironious, base of the Paladin Order, has been destroyed, along with the last of the Paladins. This includes Itto’s father, though his brother is rumored to be alive. In its place, the Church of Hextor now reigns in the Northeastern mountains

-The five remaining good dragon eggs must be found and gathered together. As Dracarys has been seemingly unable to destroy them, Archibald believes they can drain him of his god-like powers. Each egg is in one of the different kingdoms and guarded by one of the five evil dragons.

After a night of debauchery, romance, and shovels (Rayne tries to kill Itto (again) with a shovel before getting smooched by Slink), the group awakens to an emergency tactical meeting with the Everymen.

Apparently a group of Frost Goblins has managed to make its way south past the Wall and is now seeking an alliance with a nearby Hobgoblin tribe. Archibald believes that if this alliance is formed, it could mean a breach on the Wall and major problems for the Kingdom. After a debate between traveling to Draken’s Point and the Half-Orc Kingdom versus stopping the Goblin alliance, the gang agrees to find the Goblins, but with stealth and guile, rather than brute force.

On the path to the Metal Mines, the group comes across hanged Everymen and when Slink tries to loot the dead (rather than cutting them down for a proper burial), the group is surrounded by a band of hobgoblins and a larger ugly humanoid monster that rushes towards them…


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