Slink's father and head of Tick Tock, Inc.


Slink’s long-lost father, Scroopel was a master alchemist well-respected by gnomes and other races alike, traveling the world and selling his wares. For a time, he was also in the service of King Reginald. After his son ran away, and sometime during the 25-year time jump, Scroopel became head of Tick Tock, Incorporated, a technologically-advanced company able to use clockwork to create machinations of incredible wonder: horses, humanoids, sleds, and a mysterious giant cart known as a “train”.

He is currently employed by Lord Dracarys, supplying the evil demi-god with all the tools of destruction he could possibly ever need. He is also rumored to be in league with the Black Dragon. He hasn’t seen his son in over 100 years, but the family reunion of the century seems to be drawing nearer…



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