Prince Kieran Cortellos

Cocky Elf Prince who loves to fight


First encountered in the Temple of Koord fighting arena in HiTown, Prince Cortellos is a brash, aggressive elf who seems less interested in ruling his people and more interested in fighting. He wanders the realm in search of fierce opponents, even going so far as to try and single-handedly take out Arashne’s mutant-elf forces. Unfortunately, he was captured by Penrille’s Aquatic Elves, and it was up to Team Trust to rescue him.

While they succeeded in following Kieran’s trail to the Darkwild, home of the Wild Elves, Team Trust discovered that the prince had been mutated and corrupted by the green dragon herself. While the good guys were able to defeat the beast and return Kieran to his home, the Elves were soon besieged by Dracarys’ forces. His status is unknown since the invasion.


Prince Kieran Cortellos

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