Former ally sorcerer turned evil Lich


One of the original members of the team, along with Itto and Slink, sent to investigate the dwarven miners’ disappearance in the Temple of Dragoon, the sorcerer Nilo was sprayed in the brain with acid before being killed in one fell swoop by the evil Lord Dracarys. Though his time with the group was short, the memory of Nilo lives on in his familiar: the snow owl AKA Snowl.

Nilo was briefly resurrected by the Efreeti and turned into an evil Lich, but was defeated by Team Trust. His soul seemed to migrate into a pendant attached to the neck of a “dark Snowl” creature, who was last seen flying out of the volcanic roof of the Cave of Wonders. Ni-lich-an’s current whereabouts are unknown.



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