Mog, The "Savage King"

Tribal Leader of a dying breed


Mog, former wise but merciless Tribe Leader of the Heavy Foot Clan, managed to escape the genocide of his people by the Elven armies at the end of the wars. Fleeing north with a ragtag group of his Orc brethren, Mog became the proclaimed “Savage King” by uniting the savage races in relative peace and trade.

This all changed, however, when the White Dragon, Frost Fang, arrived and demanded Mog’s forces submit to his rule. When Mog denied the Dragon, the majority of his people were wiped out, forcing Mog to submit to leading the savage forces in attacks on Defender rangers.

Having satisfied his curiosity about the Defender’s forces, the White Dragon left Mog and his orcs to die in his lair while he traveled north to unite his forces in a march against the Wall.

Mog was later freed by Team Trust and returned to rule his people in the North.


Mog, The "Savage King"

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