Gnome Bard from 100 years in the past


A helpful and charismatic Bard, Lute joined Team Trust just in time to warn them of the deception of the evil vizier Rafaj and the Pharaoh, who was actually the Blue Dragon in disguise.

From a timeline 100 years in the past, Lutervoc Kyte is somehow connected with the circus-leader Mr. Kyte, although he was always told that his father was actually murdered by a clown. The truth may lie in the circus, but the group keeps getting side-tracked…

Now a full member of Team Trust, Lute assists the group on all their adventures with his cheery nature, his powerful music and spells, and his gnome-ish tricks. After being bitten by a Ghoul and killed by one of Content Not Found: null deadly traps, Lutervoc is revived by his teammate Jil, but not without some ghoulish consequences…



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