Count Varick Von Strake

King of the Undead


The vampiric leader of the Land of the Undead, Count Varick has overtaken the witches as ruler of this terrifying land in the east. Residing in Crow’s Keep, von Strake has been known to work with Mad Moodeey, and has a strange fascination with Jilqwyn, whom he calls his “Mistress”. He was eventually betrayed by Moodeey, who stole the Dayheart to turn super-strong and kill our heroes and the Count.

Moodeey did not succeed, but Team Trust decided it was STILL best that the Count perish for his crimes and general undead-ruling-the-world thing, and put an end to him by destroying the Dayheart (in a really terrifying way).

So yeah, he dead.


5,000 years ago, the von Strake family ruled Barovia (long before the Halflings settled the land), and Varick’s older brother Roderick was set to marry Jileena (the past life of Jilqwyn). However, his younger brother (the current count) was in love with her, and strangled his brother on his wedding day, tossing him off a cliff. In her grief, Jileena jumped off the same cliff and died. Riddled with guilt, Varick sought the help of Madame Eva, who informed him that his love would return but he would be long dead. Not liking her answer, he had her killed (although she seems to be very much alive) and burned her home, the Nightmare Spire, to ashes.. He fled Barovia in grief (during which time the Halflings settled the land) and sold his soul to give him eternal life as a vampire. He then waited for 5,000 years, re-conquering his family’s former homeland and turning it into a land of undead, in preparation for the eventual return of his long-lost love.

Count Varick Von Strake

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