Gayher Thanyu

Missing Red Knife Halfling living in the Land of the Dead


Originally a Red Knife, Gayher was sent by Jasper to investigate the goings-on in the Halfling Region. A Halfling himself, Gayher agreed, and set off for the East. He disappeared, and was not heard from again…

…that is, until Team Trust stumbled upon the spooky Barrow Village, and found Gayher living in isolation among the undead and monsters in Barovia. He had been unable to escape due to the magical fog surrounding the lands, and could not send word out. He has since been put under the employ of Eva the Woodwitch, but his true loyalties may now be with his partner-in-crime, Slink Featherfoot.

Sadly, when Yu’in was revived after the epic battle in Barovia against Moodeey, Gayher was destroyed. Where there is Death, there must always be Death…


Gayher Thanyu

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