Bal'Quinn Twinroars

Amazing Half-Elf Swordsman and Spell-Slinger


The Half-Elf member of the Union of the Forest, Balquinn hates most other races, but none more than the Half-Orcs. He is close friends with Prince Cortellos and joined Team Trust to assist in his rescue at the hands of Arashne’s forces.

He was briefly turned by Arashne’s seductive powers, along with Kieran, and was killed in the skirmish between Arashne’s forces and Team Trust. After the battle, however, he was returned to the Elves and revived by Jilqwyn to go work out with Kieran (at least until Dracarys’ forced defeated the Elven Kingdom). He currently is with Kieran (and maybe Victus) helping the Elven rebels battle Dracarys in the South.


Bal'Quinn Twinroars

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