Madame Eva, the Woodswitch

The Witch of the Nightmare Spire


Once of the former higher-ups in the Land of the Dead, Eva the Woodswitch has since been subjugated by Count Varick Von Strake, a fact which does not sit well with her. One of the “Three Sisters” of the witches’ coven, Eva used to run the Tser Camp. She had been meeting in secret with Mad Moodeey, to overthrow her lord.

It has been revealed that she is at least 5,000 years old, and is able to see past, present, and future. It is rumored that she has been killed by the Count “a dozen times over”, but always seems to return…Except this time, it would seem, when a demon she and her sea hag sister summoned turned on them and swallowed her whole.

But you know what they say: it’s hard to keep a Bad Witch down…


Madame Eva, the Woodswitch

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