Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 64

The High Ground (or: What Goes Up Must...Keep Going Up)


Without Itto to take all their damage for them, Team Trust (still at the top of The Fist) finds themselves under attack by roughly 80 Vrocs, who swarm in and obscure all vision. Just beforehand, however, they had discovered a secret room and found some relics from Rayne’s past and some sweet light-arrows, along with some Heironeous-cleric robes, which had presumably belonged to Crestus.

Suddenly, a wormhole in space-time opens up, and the Vrocs are sucked into the cold of deep space (also, what’s space?). Team Trust also follows them, but suddenly hit a wall and are knocked unconscious. When they awaken, they are back in the bedchamber, but Quinn is…gone. In his place is a funky new weirdo who introduces himself as R-Lan and says a bunch of weirdo words like “Star Squad” and “Blaster” and “Planet”. Before long, the heroes decide he might be useful enough not to kill, which is a good thing because…

…just then, another hellgate opens up and a quartet of dicks leaps out, saying they answer to Blackheart and plan to make quick work of our adventurers. A vicious battle ensues, with Lute challenging their bard to an epic fiddle-off, while some quick thing on Yu’in‘s part reverses gravity, and a grenade explosion courtesy of R-Lan’s high-tech space-gun blows open the roof…and Team Rocket blasts off again! Jil reanimates the remaining corpses to replenish her zombro army, and the good guys turn their attention to finding Itto.

They are unable to use the glowing orb to reopen the portal, but “luckily”, just then they feel a sizzle of electricity in the air, and Malavar emerges, announces that he will open the portal because “no one can kill my father except me.” Team Trust finally makes it into the hellish plane just in time to see Blackheart eviscerate Ellay and go tumbling with Itto into a pit of lava. Rayne rushes forward as the titans emerge and clash swords, and “Crestus” turns to look at her. He seems snapped out of his trance, but after a semi-tearful reunion, his body convulses with dark energy and morphs into his Final Form…


The being explains that he is, in fact, Itto Elfsbane, the dark version of Itto. The evil within him manifested into its own being after Itto took the Paladin Oath and became Itto Lightbringer, and latched itself onto Crestus, who was desperate to find his missing sister and allowed the dark force to corrupt him in exchange for the power to locate Rayne.

Severely low on health, spells, and morale, Team Trust now faces off their most dangerous ally: the evil version of their good friend Itto. Can they survive his onslaught?


NickRyanR90 adamsamtur

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