Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 63

Blackest of Hearts


After promptly defeating the succubi (with some weird-ass sexual overtones between Itto and Rayne), Team Trust discovers a magical orb which leads to a hellish portal. Itto, now stripped of many of his Paladin powers, enters the portal and is cut off from his friends, who he is able to see fighting a group of weirdos who seem to have the missing dragon eggs.

He is face to face in this hell-zone with his arch-nemesis Blackheart, who has Ellay hostage, and tells Itto he must choose between her and his teammates. Choosing the former because it’s way more dramatic, Itto engages Blackheart in battle among the lava-filled rivers and geysers.

Before long, sadly, Blackheart kills Ellay, leaving Itto with nothing…However, his flashbacks to the “Tree of Insight” with Neb Obi reveal some chinks in Blackheart’s armor, and give Itto the strength to go on fighting. He pulls the foul monster into a pool of lava, which melts off much of the armor and reveals Blackheart to be…Crestus (Itto’s adoptive Paladin brother, and Rayne’s biological brother)!!

Now stripped of all pretense, Itto charges in to what may very well be his final battle…


NickRyanR90 adamsamtur

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