Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 61

Team Trust Gets Whipped


Standing in front of Team Trust is the vile Blackheart and his new minion, Itto’s former lover Ellay Hol — who had been turned to the Dark Side by Blackheart’s demonic powers. As Itto faces off with the “man” who has ruined his life, his people, and his love, Team Trust takes on the vicious powerful (and smoking-fucking-hot) Ellay in a vicious battle.

Unable to pierce Blackheart’s armor, Itto passes out from pain, just as he channels some energy and knocks out Ellay along with him. Slink rushes to Itto’s side, as Blackheart does some good-ol’-fashioned bad guy gloating, which sends Slink straight to Pee-Pee-Pants City. In his terror, Slink flees the scene, dropping a smoke bomb to attempt to keep the monster at bay. Wolf grabs Itto’s body, and Rayne grabs her saffron-scented girl-rival Ellay, and the group makes for the exit. They are aided by Jil’s valiant skeletons, zombies, and ghasts, who distract Blackheart long enough to help the team make their “escape”.

However, using his powers of rebuking undead, Blackheart makes quick work of the creatures, and pursues Team Trust into a torture chamber, where a magically-locked door blocks their exit. A newly-revived Itto attempts to stand up to the villain, but it’s no use: Blackheart destroyed Itto’s mighty Greatsword in a show of superiority, and simply walks away, telling Team Trust that they may as well kill the “failure” Ellay, and then mocks Itto as he exits, taunting him about some odious task he must perform…

Licking their wounds with some Cure spells, Team Trust notices a man chained up in the chamber, and 7 hideous devices…along with 7 sets of instructions on how to properly torture people. The implications of what must be done next dawn on the team, and the look to Itto with a mix of fear and pity…


NickRyanR90 adamsamtur

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