Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 58

Master of the Dayheart (Oh-Whoa-oh)

So many Adventurers, so little Time!

Our heroes, now split into three teams, each experience a set of simultaneous events:

First, Itto and Yu’in, now at the Nightmare Spire with Sebastian‘s Dark Hunters (the group of corrupted humans bent on destroying Varick’s undead forces), attempt to convince the men that they must continue their fight after avenging their families, and take up the mantle against Dracarys. Seemingly convinced by Itto and Yu’in’s super-high Diplomacy rolls, Sebastian looks out the window to ponder the situation, as Varick himself comes flying in with an army of vampire spawn. An epic battle ensues, with the “good” guys finally gaining the upper hand. But just as Sebastian is about to deliver the finishing blow, Varick freezes him in place and steals a piece of the Dayheart from Sebastian’s cloak, only to have it turn to black ash in front of his eyes. He cries out in horror, then flies away to hunt down the Lycanthropes. Yu’in Messages his compatriots to regroup at the Nightmare Spire…

Meanwhile, Rayne leaves Jil‘s bedside (where she is still recovering from being bitten by the Count) to explore the forbidden West Wing of Varick’s castle. After some serious Scooby-Doo’ing, she makes her way through a dark passage to a crypt filled with hundreds of coffins, all of which have Jil’s likeness scrawled onto them with a message that Varick will never stop until he has been reunited with his true love, Jileena. The problem is, the only way he’ll know if it’s truly her is if he bites her three times and she survives the ordeal. She also finds a strange music box. As Rayne continues to investigate, she is confronted by a Plot Twist — I mean, Vlad…who the heroes had seen killed by Sebastian at the Black Ball. He explains that Varick revived him as a vampire, and that the Count is on his way back to “deal with” Rayne, who can never leave the castle alive now that she has seen this crypt. But Rayne doesn’t like that answer, so she promptly Impales the Vlad and tells Wolf to meet her back in Jil’s room, absconding with a key ring she had found on Vlad’s “person”…

Meanwhile again, Slink and Gayher return to Tser Camp to find everyone vacating the place like wildfire, afraid of a spell the Coven is cooking up. Slink rallies some troops, and they confront Madame Ava, the sea hag, and Super Human Girl (who is actually fighting against her sisters), as they conjure a demon. They quickly lose control of the beast, and it’s up to Slink, Gayher, and Super Human Girl to save the day! With a mix of reality-warping-honey-blood-magic and some super-clever (and totally legal) sneak attacks, the trio barely manage to best the beast before it is able to murder everyone in camp, but NOT before he eats the other two witches, much to S.H.G.’s delight (pretty fucked up, if you ask me). Varick then appears, covered in werewolf blood, and thanks them for “taking care of” his witch problem. He then demands S.H.G. give her the 3rd piece of the Dayheart, but when she hands it over, it too turns to black ash. Varick freaks out again and heads back to the castle…

…where he intercepts Wolf and breaks his leg, while Rayne charges in, blood-red werewolf eyes a-blazing. She manages to distract him long enough to allow Wolf to fly out the window, but is then herself incapacitated by the Count. Just then, the cavalry rushes in (the rest of Team Trust) to vanquish the Count now that the Dayheart seems to be gone.

But just as they are about to deal with the Vampire King once and for all, another Plot Twist shows up in the form of their hated foe, Mad Moodeey! He reveals that he had stolen the Dayheart during the scuffle at the Black Ball, and uses its corrupted black-powers to turn into Super Saiyan Moodey, knock Varick out cold with a dose of sunlight, and conjure a Corpse Dragon from the remains of all the dead Halflings in Barovia. What a dick.


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