Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 57

Blue Balls!


As the crowd finishes gasping at the dramatic death of Vlad, Team Trust springs into action by hiding under tables, running out the door, and doing a bunch of Knowledge checks. Yu’in manages to fire off a subtle little lightning spell which (once again) disintegrates Mad Moodeey, while Jil and Rayne stand behind a barrier created by Count Varick, who promptly turns into a bat and attacks the newcomers. The witches, meanwhile, go mostly into hiding as well.

Led by Sebastian, this group (known as the Dark Hunters) represents the remaining living creatures in Barovia, who feel that their lands have been overrun by the forces of the undead and have made it their mission to destroy Varick.

The fight rages on while Team Trust hangs back, until suddenly, Sebastian leaps up and puts a sword to Jil’s throat, allowing for the safe egress of his men and himself. In pursuit go Itto and Yu’in, the former of whom is slipped a map by Sebastian himself with a whisper of “We could use a Paladin like you”. The map leads to the Nightmare Spire, home base of the Dark Hunters. Slink and Gayher go to Tser Camp to discuss matters with Madame Eva and the witches, and Rayne and Jil go upstairs with the Count, where Jil inadvertently gives away the location of the Dark Hunters (and her friends). Varick goes in pursuit to destroy them.

Oh, and it should be noted that Jil, during the heat of battle, allowed Varick to bite her. She isn’t full vampire yet, but she may be beginning the transition…


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