Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 56

The Black Ball (or, Vlad the Impaler'ed)

After meeting with Valicia of the Lycanthrope Pack, Rayne and Yu’in learn that they would let Rayne join their ranks if she went on missions for them, and went through a sort of “initiation”, which was a little vague at best. While in Barovia, she would also be better suited to talk with their kind in the meantime.

Madame Eva summons her two hag sisters (a water hag and a half-hag; she herself is a normal hag), and Slink escorts them all to the Ball. One of the hags in particular seems very focused on the exact nature of how and why she was summoned and what the hell is going on…which makes sense, sort of.

Team Trust (minus Jil) arrives at the Count’s Ball, and Slink tells them all to play it cool and not start a fight. Not like they have ever done anything like that ever. They do, however, notice a strange pink light emanating from the top of Crow’s Keep (or wherever the ball is being held). Much merriment is had…until Mad Moodey shows up and attempts to instigate a fight with Rayne, who promptly stabs out his Archie-Eye. She is quickly escorted out, but Jil eventually demands that the Count let her back in (which he does).

Jil and Varick descend the steps majestically, and Varick announces that there is to be a dance-off, in the tradition of his ancestors, and the winner will be allowed to join him and Jil (his love) to the top of the tower to see the source of aforementioned pink light. After a heated dance contest, Rayne is declared the winner somehow, and the trio journeys to the top.

Once there, the Count reveals his new “weapon”/invention: The Dayheart, a heart-shaped pink crystal which will allow his vampiric kin to roam free, night or day. Its power will grow, and allow Varick to create a vampire army that will, with Jil by his side, take over all of Tarragonia. This is, it should go without saying (yet somehow needs to be said), kind of a big deal.

Just as Jil and Rayne are recovering from this new info, a fight breaks out downstairs (because of COURSE it does!) and Vlad is impaled by a strange skeletal figure, sort of a " Victorian Pirate ". Several other party-goers remove disguises to reveal that they are part of his crew.

Will Team Trust aid the Count in throwing out these party crashers and help him bring his Army of Light-and-Darkness to the four corners of Tarragonia? Or will they turn on the Count and maybe try NOT to encapsulate the world in 5,000 years of horror and doom? Hey, the Lesser of the Two Evils, right Itto?! Surely they’ll do the right thing, because they always do!


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