Rise of the Forgotten Kings

Session 52

Ninjas and Robots and Demi-Gods...Oh My!


Our adventurers flashback to the fall of Arashne. As before, they manage to free one of the ostensibly good metallic dragons; in this case the Bronze dragon, who grants all present electrical powers.

Snap back to reality. Ope, here comes tragedy.

Having freed Itto, our heroes flee the elven tree house. Before things get interesting, Hannah-Bar-Bear-A flees into the forest, disturbed at the sight of the Half-Orc Paladin.

And… now we’re caught up…

Victus and his ninjas surround the group and inform them that he’s the real lobes of the elven kingdom and that any deal they made to free Itto was invalid. Itto claims that their half-century long feud should come to an end, but his words only inspire Nick-tus to make an example of him in single combat. The battle is a stalemate: Victus lays blow after blow on Itto, with each draining him of vitality, but Itto gives as good as he takes despite being unprotected and exposed. The two are left battered and weak when Team Trust steps in, resulting in a brawl with the ninja horde. Which is when the humans attack.

Team Trust manages pretty well to put up a resistance and it looks like things might go their way until Roken and a not dead Moodey show up. Also, Dracarys. Can’t forget about him. Roken steals away the bag of holding that housed the dragon eggs. Lute attempts to stop him, but Roken teleports away, taking Lute with him. The others do even worse, barely managing to escape with their lives from Dracarys, leaving the elven kingdom to suffer the demigod’s wrath.


NickRyanR90 case_aiken

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